Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Really Rachel Speaks Out

I've been hanging onto this information for ages, watching Rachel be pummelled by DeSalvo and his goonies, and she still would not give me permission to use it. Evidently he stepped over the line. He has been witnessed "paying too close an eye" on Rachel, if you get the idea, and a last third party threat overnight (one of many) was the final straw.

With Really Rachel's permission - blessing actually - here is why DeSalvo went crazy on her. Very simple really - she realized she had made a mistake in supporting him and got out of it. He and his goonies have gone crazy trying to get at her ever since.

I'm taking her last name out of the statement. Bold letters are mine. Otherwise it's unedited.

Happy New Year, Rachel

Public Statement Regarding Ted E DeSalvatore

My name is Rachel xxxx. I am a former supporter of Ward 4 City Councilor Ted E. DeSalvatore. I am a former member of the now defunct Back Streets Association, and a former Secretary and Director of the association which was originally meant to be a 501(c)3 tax exempt grassroots organization to improve the quality of life for the people of Fitchburg.

On November 10, 2006, I emailed my resignation, effective immediately, from the Back Streets Association to Councilor DeSalvatore and other board members, as well as to Jason Lefferts (administrator of the Save Fitchburg blog), and to select other parties. At that time I was asked if I would like to share my reasons for resigning from DeSalvatore's group and I stated that perhaps I would share those reasons at a later time but only if I felt a need.

Because of continued harassment and threats to myself and others, I have decided that it is time to speak about my reasons for leaving the Back Streets Association and for taking a public stand against this man.

Sometime after the last directors meeting of the BSA that I attended (October 4, 2006), DeSalvatore contacted me to discuss ongoing business - having a meeting of incorporators, seeking funding and other association business. In the course of the conversation he stated, as though I already was aware (which I had not been), that the purpose of the Back Streets Association was to form a "grassroots group" that would endorse him for mayor "when the time is right." I told DeSalvatore that that is a specifically prohibited purpose of a 501(c)3 organization, and he stated that "I will bow out and turn it over to the directors and just stay in the background." I stated that I was not comfortable with that scenario, as I had been led to believe BSA was a nonpartisan citizens group, and that I would need to rethink my involvement and participation.

I spent a lot of time over the next few weeks reviewing my involvement with DeSalvatore and his group, and specifically reviewing correspondence and notes of conversations I had had with him (I am a lifelong note-taker and journal keeper.)

I opted not to go to the November 1, 2006, meeting, as I had not yet decided whether to confront DeSalvatore and the directors with the hidden purpose of the association, or simply to resign and move on.

Not long afterward, DeSalvatore called me to tell me he planned to stop by my home to talk. On November 9 or 10, 2006, DeSalvatore parked near my home and approached my house. He was talking on his cell phone that is attached to his ear and he was having an exuberant conversation. He was standing on the sidewalk less than six feet from my front windows and front door and I could clearly hear every word he said.

In the course of his extended conversation, DeSalvatore used the following words:

Three Pyramids, Ford, big feeling nigger

Tran, the gook councilor

Just before he rang my doorbell, he stated to the other party "I'm about to ring the crazy kike's doorbell, yeah I know but we need her."

Shortly after DeSalvatore's brief visit I composed my resignation and forwarded it as stated.

Numerous other former DeSalvatore supporters have since contacted me (one of whom is now deceased) to share similar stories. I have confidence in the veracity of their stories, as they have in mine.

I have nothing to gain from making this statement. I neither owe nor am owed favors by any candidate or political figure, nor is there anything at all that I anticpate needing from the mayor or city council. I am not now, nor have I ever contemplated political office in Fitchburg.

My sole reason for making this information public at this time is to provide first-hand testimony to, in my opinion, the unfitness for public office of Ted E. DeSalvatore.

Racism, anti-Semitism, discrimination of any kind do not belong in our mayor's office. It isn't just right and wrong, it is the law.

Sincerely and Shalom,

Rachel xxxxx


fitchburg-shuffle said...

Can you imagine a person wanting to become mayor of our diverse city with such a racist attitude? Those of us who have actually lived here more than three years know better than to think this way. If they felt this way, they have since moved.

This isn't the first time that I've heard such things about DeSalvatore. At least four other people have shared similar stories about Ted. Each story comes from reputable sources and revolves around different encounters.

Hey shithead! You should really think about who you are sharing such thoughts with. The walls have ears!

The real question should be is DeSalvatore going to actually finish his "home improvements" before his house goes on the market in early October.

I can't wait to see what else this dope has hidden in his closet. He may have the gimp from Pulp Fiction with a ball gag stashed away.

How big a bonfire can be built with DeSalvatore signs?

Tom Lang said...

A Racist? Of course he is. He is a homophobe also.


Donna said...

I looked at the know thy neighbor website and looked up a few more names. It is interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that there is such pervasive racism in this community that I don't know if this would make any difference to most voters.

Those of us who made the mistake of supporting Ted in the early days are all too familiar with this shit. He said he was going to create change, but we made the mistake of projecting our own ideals onto what that change would look like. We thought change would be more jobs, pride in the community, serious economic development planning... not "get rid of the bad people and all of our problems go away". Shame on us for not knowing better. Shame on us for not asking.

What we do know is that Ted is not a planner, and he's bet everything on winning this election. He hasn't had a job in a year and a half, by all accounts, and he's been living on handouts from RedLine and others this whole time, all while castigating those who receive benefits from social service agencies. I guess a handout from someone who wants political favors is ok, but a handout from a nonprofit that exists solely to help people in need is not?

Jesus, I hope this asshole loses.

Anonymous said...

Question for the debate tonight for DeSalvo.

Hey Ted, did you ever call your stepdaughter a whore? Did you refuse to let her even sit on your toilet?

fitchburg-shuffle said...

As much as I hate to admit it, Ted didn't suck. The uninformed viewer may have actually liked him. Someone spiked his fruit punch with sedatives.

Thank god I know better!

JustSayNoToDeSalvo said...

Yah well, the little zinger at the end where he promises to "behave" demonstrates that he's heard that before.

His meds kicked in about halfway through and then his eyes started darting around as he was trying to focus.

Lithium perhaps.

prof said...

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Anonymous said...

What's with the weird French spam? Also, we're dyin' for a new update!

JustSayNoToDeSalvo said...

Anonymous said...
"What's with the weird French spam? Also, we're dyin' for a new update!"

The French poster is one of many Jewish onliners who have picked up the story about our anti-Semite in Fitchburg. Some of the comments were SO outraged that they didn't get through. Let's just say "never again" has meaning for some folks.

As for updates, check the local blogs and comments reviewing Ted's magnificent performance during the debate. With "common sense" qualifying him to run a $96M budget, "all my years of business experience" (resume, please?), and his eyes apparently following an errant squirrel, who needs an update right now.

He's doing it all by himself