Sunday, August 5, 2007

Off the deep end?

Some of the blog operators will attest that there's a little irrational ranting going on lately. We are concerned for the mental health of the party or parties doing the ranting, and actually for the well being of the target of the rantings that aren't getting through (or at least aren't staying posted) on some of the blogs, this one included.

We don't moderate this board. However, there are standards for decency and safety that are the responsibility of every blog owner, and there are boundaries. This isn't the "Drive DeSalvatore Insane" site (some might argue it's too late for one of those.) This isn't the "I Hate Ted" site. This IS the "Say No To DeSalvo and here's why site" and we feed his own words and actions back to him. If he chokes and vomits on his own words, well it was a sandwich of his own making.

If it's racist or bigoted (other than quoted DeSalvatore remarks), it ain't sticking here.

If it's totally gross, it ain't sticking here.

If it's ranting about Unicow being the devil with one horn - well that ain't sticking here either.

Most important, if it's threatening to harm anyone in any way, it not only ain't sticking here, it's being sent on to the folks it needs to be sent to.

This site has one purpose: to shine the spotlight on DeSalvatore.

Or in his own words, to "focus on what's bad."

When he loses the election, or withdraws, the site will come down. He's welcome to live in Fitchburg alongside us, provided he abides by the law. We simply want people to know from a political perspective the kind of man who is asking for their vote.

That's all.

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