Wednesday, July 18, 2007

DeSalvatore October 2005 Ward 4 Campaign Propaganda

Verbatim excerpts from October 2005 campaign for Ward 4 Councilor:

"My name is Ted E. DeSalvatore."

"City counsel is responsible to all of us including those in low income districts and their activities must begin showing care without discrimination."

"Our local police believe we must live with the lawlessness and the only correction is more funding for police. I believe that our participation is a must and they must accept that participation."

"Every negative article that shows up in news about Fitchburg diminishes the value of all our homes."

"Where you find renters and low income you find crime. Why? No sense of community, responsibility or respect."

"Homelessness is a fact of life as well as an issue that must be examined. Our health and safety is being jeapordized enough to cause great alarm. Our neighborhoods as well as wooded areas around our city are being used as campsites and toilets. If we are going to provide anything for the homeless it must be done only with the utmost of safety for our community being placed first."

"They need a place with facilities." "Maybe state land, just outside our city"

"At night they are also living in cars and trucks along the street just feet from the homes of other residents who have no idea whom they aer sharing the neighborhood with."

"Unless these unfortunate individuals are given housing and help outside the city, as well as away from the stores that carry alcohol and dealers selling drugs, they will never be able to return to society in a functional way."

"True, we can't as a city afford housing for all the homeless, nor can we be so accomodating as to invite more to come but we must provide something somewhere for those that are here even if only OPEN PARTY TENTS AND PORT-A-POTTIES."

"There should be no disagreement on this issue."

"In addition to compromising our safety some homeless may be involved in the frequent break-ins, cars and homes alike. By giving them a DESIGNATED AREA and remanding them to stay clear of our neighborhoods the job of our police department may get easier, break-ins may be reduced and our officers may be allowed to put more of their time on other issues."

"We as a nation love to help and sometimes that help is nonproductive."


"I will have no alliances that supercede my responsibilities to this city and most especially the 4th ward."

"Thank you
Ted E. DeSalvatore
Your next 4thWard Counsellor"


Anonymous said...

These are unbelievable comments! Reading his writing puts in a lock room listening to a cult leader.

Anonymous said...

This man has divided our city and turned neighbor against neighbor. What gall for him to think anyone in this city would vote for him for mayor. No one in Ward 4 will have anything to do with him. His neighbors all want to sell their houses and move just to get away from him.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible man!

Anonymous said...

Here's the goal: He gets crushed in the primary and the house is on the market by Oct. 1st.

Knowing the real estate market and his neighborhood he may still be around for a while.