Thursday, October 18, 2007

Slumlord Seney for Ward 4 Council?

It's official!

DeSalvatore's handpicked successor Steve Seney is a slumlord!
Seney has been in trouble with the City of Fitchburg for code violations at 28 Garnet Street. He was given until October 16 to make the property safe and habitable. He missed his deadline and he is now in contempt of housing court. Seney is scheduled to appear in court to defend against the contempt charge on October 26th.
Seney owns multiple buildings in Fitchburg, most of them in Ward 4. These are among the worst housing in the city.
Let's see ... the guy admits he doesn't go into bookstores. Apparently he doesn't go into hardware stores either.
Hey, Seney, we suggest you stop campaigning and start maintaining. We don't need more slums in Fitchburg and we definitely don't need slumlords on the City Council.
The Ward 4 residents have already suffered enough these past two years. They deserve someone with a desire to improve the city, and their ward in particular. They've had enough of your kind.


fitchburg-shuffle said...

I saw this coming from a mile away!!!!

How come in all of his interviews, both the print media and on FATV, hasn't he mentioned this?

I knew something stunk. Now it smells like sulfur!

burger said...

What the FUCK! I voted for this guy!

I need to pay more attention to what's going on. Thanks!

Go Starr!

1970s Abraham Lincoln said...

I've said it before. Seney is ideologically indistinguishable from Ted. He's not the kind of person I want representing my ward.

The Unicow said...

Not good.

Now I'm curious about this transaction listed in the Oct 11 T&G.

$5,000, 57 Lunenburg St, Our Fathers House Inc, to Seney, Stephen.

May be nothing, but that strikes me as odd.

Seney's a tough guy to find information on (including his crummy website). He was hand-picked by DeSalvatore?

Erica said...

Unicow, that transaction was a driveway easement. There's a vote OK'ing the deal from Our Father's House recorded in the registry along with the deed.

fitchburg-shuffle said...

It seems that Seney bought 63 Lunenburg St. in June for $1,770. The value of the property is $155,000. Our Father's House in next door. Courtesy of the assessors office.

Seems like a sweet deal! Too sweet. There must be more to this.

Is there another opportunity for the ward candiates to debate each other?

Erica said...

Hmm, just did a quick browse of his name in the registry of deeds since 2000 (not enough time now to dig further). He hasn't been too keen on paying his taxes. There was a lien against him for $2200 worth of Mass taxes in 2005 that was discharged shortly thereafter. However, he also has some takings on record for a few of his properties, with no evidence on record that the takings have been resolved. One taking is for a Blossom Street propety for $950, another is for 399 Rollstone for $1300, and my personal favorite is for a Bruce Street property for $86 - dude, you can't come up with 86 bucks?

burger said...

Check out the Fitchburg Pride and compare your choices. One offers actual plans and the other claims that being in business makes him a better candiate.

The business guy also claims to be a taxpayer, like everyone else.

Time to do a bit more research before I go to vote in November.

fitchburg-shuffle said...


I had to look up ideologically. I couldn't agree more! The approach may be different, but the personal values and reasons are identical.

Let's look at his "pledge" to the residents, straight from today's Pride:

1. He'll represent the taxpayer in a conservative manner, spend responsibly, and save for the future.

How can you represent the taxpayers when it's been made clear that you haven't paid your own taxes?

2. Encourage watchgroups, civic involvement, promotion of Fitchburg, bla bla bla.

Are you going to set up the camera's like your mentor? How many ward cleanups have you attended? I haven't been to any but my friend on Pleasent St. said she's never seen you there, and she's been to all of them. Why wouldn't you promote the city, you stand to benifit directly with your "anti-archecture" homes.

3. ..make Fitchburg more desireable to business..improve city employee participation..

No shit! Name one candiate who doesn't want to make the city more desireable to business, any plans on how to do that? Improve transportation? How? We all drive like assholes here! The train is the states job and unless you plan to drive a bus, you should leave this alone. City employee participation? I know tons of city employees. I dare you to tell them that they need to "participate" in anything involving the city! Many participate because they want to. You can't force them to do anything they don't want to do!

4. Work in coorporation with the council and city hall.

What the fuck do you think you're supposed to do? Please don't tell me that you plan to take Ted's approach to this? We really are fucked!!!!

5. Work to expand the commercial and industrial base.

You've already mentioned this with #3 but lets look at the end of your sentence about promoting the best the city has to offer. What do we have to offer; crime? drugs? shitty commercial tax rates? UNITIL? Please elaborate! Actually you couldn't elaborate since there must have been some kind of limit on words. Try to use a better choice of words.

I wouldn't have gone off like this but with six years of Matt Straight, totally ignoring the rural areas and promoting downtown (why would he want to do that?), two years of total chaos and uselessness with Ted, I want a change! I do like the way that you mentioned some rural areas on FATV, but Starr said the same thing the week before. I think it was even the same road that you mentioned. It's time to come up with some original thinking!

Oh yea, there's that little matter regarding your contemt charges in housing court.....

burger said...

Does anyone actually believe that this info will make the local papers? I'm not so sure that any of the reporters have any investigating skills.

fitchburg-shuffle said...



1970s Abraham Lincoln said...

The Sentinel's got it!

1970s Abraham Lincoln said...

Stephan W. Seney, a Ward 4 candidate, was found in contempt of court at a housing court hearing yesterday for two outstanding health code violations on his 28 Garnet St. multifamily property.

fitchburg-shuffle said...

The sentinel also did an article, obviously not as well written, saying the same things.

Seney talked about working with the BOH. No shit! He had no fucking choice. Do you think he would have reacted as quickly if he wasn't a public figure and the press would pick it up.

I hate to use the word, but this guy seems slimey. I don't want to have him as my councilor!

burger said...

Does anyone think that this will hurt Seney or are people oblivious to the press?

Why are his signs all over public property? Didn't Ted get in trouble for that?

burger said...

Some clown over at savefitchburg was wondering if you will toss out endorsements.

Thanks to my friend Pat for pointing these blogs out. i've never given a crap about local politics until now.

JustSayNoToDeSalvo said...

We've endorsed all the candidates we need to - anyone who is not DeSalvo, and anyone who is not associated with him.

Have at it and enjoy your freedom to choose!



P.S. Tell the idiots on the other blogs who can't tell a 20 something male from a middle aged grandmother they might want to stop making such fucking fools out of themselves. Errrr, that is himself.